Thursday, March 01, 2007

Martini Tinkering at Museumsquartier

Yesterday's TinkerTank Special can be considered a success, affirming the working hypothesis that a) everyone has a favorite Martini and b) little things can make a big difference.
Preference-wise a mixed crowd had assembled in Museumsquartier's Electric Avenue to work through a dozen or so Martini variations - about 60% of them gin based dry Martinis and 40% Vodka Martinis:
Stirred, shaken, with and without olives, with lemon peel and of course different ratios of base spirit and vermouth (finishing with a Dirty Martini featuring a sip of olive brine instead of the vermouth) ending up with reports of favorites across the spectrum. I noticed a slight bias pro shaking, though this might be connected with the higher appreciation of a higher water-content as the workshop progressed ...

In any case the importance of individual preferences being considered in developing future cocktailrobots has been proven!

Thanks evrybody for participating & special thanks to my assistant Frank who came straight from the railway station after a 10 hours ride from Germany to Vienna!

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