Thursday, April 05, 2007


TinkerTank at WerkzeugH
Wed 5/2/2007 6pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't expect too much - we're just tinkering a little with (electro-)magnets.
As a simple mind who can be endlessly fascinated by simple physical experiments that a guy named Faraday conducted some 300 years ago, I invite you to join me in conducting a few basic tricks before tinkering with some electro-magnets and looking at what those can do.

At TinkerTank the question "How is this stuff relevant artwise?" inevitably has to be adressed - in this case there is at least one easy answer: Visually. Peep at the video of Morpho Towers by Sachiko Kodama and Yasushi Miyajima in this post on SHIFZ-blog - an artwork created using ferrofluid and electromagnets.
But I imagine having one of my magnetic latex-bugs float above a superconductor will also deliver me an artistic kick. Even the simplest electric motor in the world might be used in a visually exciting sculpture ...

8pm Martini Hour
feat. philosophical reflection on recent claims of free energy applying magnetic effects and hopefully some historic reflection on the show-effect of magnetism through time.

WerkzeugH: Schönbrunnerstr. 61, 1050 Vienna



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