Saturday, March 10, 2007

Martini-tinkering Video

A few sequences Expertina filmed with her camera, smacked together ... Click the pic to play the video.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Martini Tinkering at Museumsquartier

Yesterday's TinkerTank Special can be considered a success, affirming the working hypothesis that a) everyone has a favorite Martini and b) little things can make a big difference.
Preference-wise a mixed crowd had assembled in Museumsquartier's Electric Avenue to work through a dozen or so Martini variations - about 60% of them gin based dry Martinis and 40% Vodka Martinis:
Stirred, shaken, with and without olives, with lemon peel and of course different ratios of base spirit and vermouth (finishing with a Dirty Martini featuring a sip of olive brine instead of the vermouth) ending up with reports of favorites across the spectrum. I noticed a slight bias pro shaking, though this might be connected with the higher appreciation of a higher water-content as the workshop progressed ...

In any case the importance of individual preferences being considered in developing future cocktailrobots has been proven!

Thanks evrybody for participating & special thanks to my assistant Frank who came straight from the railway station after a 10 hours ride from Germany to Vienna!

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